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An HTC Windows Tablet? An HTC Android Tablet? Something Else?

All  HTC Tablets Quite Insignificant

This is not what we are saying. This is something which consumers are saying. This is something which is said by shopkeepers/retailers everywhere.

We here at SynerGizmo have come to like the HTC Smartphones. They are intuitive and look prime at every price point. But HTC Tablets are a different story.

We are not saying that the HTC tablets suck, but at the moment they are not in the same league as the competition. HTC has even stopped listing them on their official website. The HTC Flyer was a dud, and lets see why-

  • Screen Size- The HTC Flyer was a 7″ tablet, when the majority of the tablets in the market were going towards 10″ screen size. And despite being a 7″ tablet,  it was was priced at the same point as the competition, which had larger displays.
  • Old Version Of Android- The HTC Tablets shipped with Android 2.3, which was what was present on all new smartphones at the time. But this was a bad decision, as the competition were all using an OS dedicated to tablets, i.e Android 3.0
  • Was it even a Tablet?- Apart from the large size, there wasn’t present any significant changes in the HTC Tablets, which would compel people to purchase it, instead of a smartphones.

All this, and a bad pricing led to HTC’s failure in the tablet market. Recent, we saw some old stock of HTC’s tablets at BestBuy which was priced ridiculously.  For its price, you could by any other tablet, all which would be may times more powerful and useful.

HTC Android Tablets

We have seen the fate of HTC in the Android Tablet market, and its failure has already been discussed above. But does this mean that HTC will stop trying? Hell No.

HTC has announced that a new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Tablet is under works, and it will have a screen size of 10.1 inches. More details have not yet been revealed, but HTC will have to introduce more than just an updated OS and screen size to make an impact in the already very competitive tablet market.

HTC Windows Tablets

Seeing HTC’s lack of success in the tablet market, Microsoft bluntly denied HTC the right to produce Windows 8 Tablets. This came as quite a blow to HTC, as it was shown the hand by a company who they had really supported when very few were willing to do so (we are looking at early Windows Phones here)

Still this doesn’t mean that there will never be any HTC Windows Tablets, it just means that as of now Microsoft and HTC will not be working together to make a Windows Tablet. But in the world of technology, who knows what will happen in the future.

HTC Tablets to Do Something New?

Recently a spokesperson of HTC has said that they will be bringing a unique tablet to the market pretty soon. HTC has not stated anything else, so we cannot be sure of what to expect. It could be anything from a run-of-the-mill Android tablet, to something freakishly different, in which case we will let your imagination decide what it could be.

HTC has recently shown of poor Q2 Profits (in this case losses), and we felt obliged to break down one of the key factors in the high losses which HTC had to suffer.

Will HTC Tablets suffer same fate in the future? Do you own an HTC Tablet? If yes, did you like it? Do you think HTC will be granted to produce Windows Tablets in the future? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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