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The current bout of Android phones by HTC have been shipping with “Beats Audio” Technology. The  HTC Beats venture began with HTC’s flagship phone, the HTC One X.

The feature was covered by technology critics all over the world. Some said that Beats technology lead to some major improvement when it comes to sound, making it more lively and enhancing the “beats”, while others said that the HTC Beats technology was just a gimmick, and that the sound improvement could be achieved with the help of some equalizer tweaks, with third-party apps like PowerAmp.

Whatever the result of the Beats Audio Enhancement may be, it apparently is not benefiting HTC. We all know about the woes of HTC when it comes to smartphone sales, and Beats Technology is apparently not helping in getting HTC out of the tiff.

Some time back, HTC sold 50% of its share of Beats Audio, and if the rumours by MyDrivers.com is to be believed, HTC will soon be pulling back all the way.

The HTC and Beats tie up has not been able to garner the attention and profits which HTC wants to reap, and apparently HTC thinks it is best to close off the partnership with the Beats brand and move focus in a newer direction.

This may benefit us as a consumer, as we will get to see more innovations in the future, and also we will get our products at a lower price, because we will not have to pay a premium due to the HTC Beats tie-up.

Although most techies believed the HTC Beats Audio to be gimmick, we would have to say that the “Beats Brand” was a draw for some not-so-well-informed consumers, who thought that the sound of the HTC smartphones bearing the Beats Logo would be better than the competition by a long-shot. An audiophile would tell you that nothing is further from the truth, as they would regarding the Beats Headphones, but the general consumer is oblivious to such notions.

HTC has been a brand of choice for us for quite some time, so we hope that HTC gets out of their financial situaution so that they can produce quality products in the future.

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