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God of War is an action game which has redefined action gaming. Not that it did something completely different, but it took action gaming to a new level. Excellent graphics, engaging gameplay, and brutality matched by none, the God Of War series is a masterpiece.

God of War is a Playstation exclusive which has risen quickly as a console seller, and games in the series are anticipated greatly. God of War 3 was the end of an epic trilogy, and many people were questioning whether we will see another part of the cherished game.

In comes God of War:Ascension, as an answer to our gaming prayers. God of War will feature an untold part of Kratos’s story, and we eagerly await a new installent to the hack and slash action, but it will also be offering something new. Multiplayer.

Yes, you heard it. God Of War Multiplayer. This will be featured in the upcoming God Of War:Ascension

God Of War:Ascension Trailer 

The God of War Series is a series which primarily focuses on single player action. The God Of War games may be linear, and not feature any multiplayer options, but Santa Monica has decided to give a new twist to the series by offering God of War Multiplayer action.

Don’t worry though, the game will still feature a full single player story mode. It’s just that it will also feature a multiplayer mode in which gamers can team up in four on four action, as well as co-op mode to complete a different story line. A horde-mode may also be featured, but this has not been finalised by Santa Monica yet.

In multiplayer mode, character customization is featured, in which the the helmets, boots, gauntlets, skirts etc can be customized. The character will get its skills by selling its soul to one of the four featured gods i.e  Ares, Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon . This will allow players to access different weapons and skills.

On the graphical front, the visuals looks as good as ever. When the various monsters are killed, we can see their bodies ripped apart and their guts oozing out in the typical God Of War fashion.

The preview is looking up to be quite interesting, which features two characters fighting against a giant cyclops. Not much more has been revealed, but we expect more from Santa Monica soon. Till then, feast on the screenshots.


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