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With tablets flooding the market from all directions, its really tough for a tablet to carve out a niche in the market. But the Galaxy Tab is a brand which has been able to set itself apart from the competition since the start.

When the first iPad hit the market, it created a set-up in every bodies minds for a 10 inch tablet. Samsung shattered this set-up and gave us the original Galaxy Tab. And we loved it. It was snappy, had a decent camera, and its size was just right (on the portability side of things). Later Samsung released the 10.1 inch version to fulfil the thirst which many had for a larger tablet and to show-off the Gingerbread flavour of Android. By this time, the number of tablets had increased many folds. Everybody from Toshiba to Blackberry to HP released tablets (and we all know how that went).

And now comes along the awkward cousin. The 7.7 inch tablet with the vivid Super AMOLED Plus Display. And when we first saw it. We loved it. The screen size, although not standardised, was perfect. The AMOLED display was to die for. It was snappy with its 1.4 Ghz Dual Core  processor. And recently with its release on Verizon, has LTE .($500 for the contract version and $700 if you want to go all the way) Android 3.2 to boot (although Samsung claims that it will be rolling out Android ICS for it soon).

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 became an instant favourite. It was something worth beholding. Even its physical look was beautiful (ehm ehm HTC…)

Fast forward a few days and in comes the new iPad with Retina Display, and the A5x chipset.

Our favourite began to change.

The large display was just too good. And the speediness of the new iPad was remarkable. We did hit a few glitches when testing out the Galaxy Tab 7.7, so the iPad’s fluidity was more evident. Not to mention the lacklustre 3.2 MP camera on the Tab.

Of course this is the way the tech world works. Every month something comes out which overtakes its competition. So we can’t wait to see what Samsung does to tackle the new iPad. We have a hunch, you probably do too. Please share with us in the comment section.

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