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The Original Galaxy Note was a phone-come tablet that actually worked. It wasn’t the first, as we have seen the likes of the Dell Streak before,  but it was a phablet which the consumer actually liked, and carved out a niche of its own. Some may have considered the screen to be oversized, but it was perfect to others. The S-pen gave the precession which many people craved for in capacitive displays, so as to make drawings and take notes.

Samsung, with the success of the Galaxy Note (over 5 million units sold), had decided to release an even larger model of the Galaxy Note targeted at the Tablet market instead of the phone market. The Galaxy Note 10.1. This was supposed to release soon, featuring similar specs to the original Galaxy Note. But this has now been delayed to June. This is because the Galaxy Note 10.1 is getting an upgrade to quad-core, for better performance. The Galaxy Note 10.1 will ship with Android ICS. It will feature a screen resolution similar to that of the Galaxy Note, which is awkward with the advent of retina display on tablets. It will also feature a toned down camera, with a 3 mp sensor on the back, and 2 mp camera on the front.

We think that the Galaxy Note 10.1 has great potential, as the forte of the Original Galaxy Note can  be better implemented on the larger display. Drawing on screens is something we have always loved to do, right from the resistive screen days, but it has never been as good as now, with these uber-powerful tablets sprouting.

But with new Windows 8 tablets coming, and the mighty iPad, will you be ready to shell out your money for the Galaxy Note 10.1?

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