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Facebook for Android sucks. We all know this. To make myself more clear, we are talking about the Facebook App for Android here.

Since the advent of the Facebook App for Android, it has been compared to its iPhone counterpart, and it fails to match up.

The interface may look similar, but anybody who has used the App for Android and iOS will tell you how the experience is much more superior on the iPhone and other Apple devices as compared to Android devices.

Android faces many bugs and glitches which leads to problems like slow log in, constant force closes, long loading during refreshes and so on. The Facebook experience for Android is so bad, that most people have opted to browse Facebook through their mobile browsers, while others have opted for third party applications, like FriendCaster, which not only offer a better user-experience, but better interface, design and customer support.

Users of Facebook Apps typically like to remain logged into their account while the app remains in sync with their account in the background. For iOS, the experience is smooth, with you getting all the proper notifications, messages etc when they are sent.

But the case is different for Android. It is a commonly occurring event for the Android users that they get delayed notification updates as well as messages. This can be a real pain in the ass, especially when it comes to using the buggy-as-hell Facebook Chat feature. After all these problems which Android users face, many will go on to blame the Android Platform, while others will blame the developers of the app, and have nothing better to say, then “Android for Facebook Sucks”

The above are the more acute problems which occur for the Facebook App, but that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the story. We are yet to discuss the more acute problems which occur with Facebook For Android.

It has become a widespread problem, that we are unable to check-in to the places where we are. It has probably happened to many of you that the Facebook App simply doesn’t check-in to where you want. There can be a variety of problems. Sometimes, it doesn’t load up any places where you possibly are. Another problem is that even after you check-in, it is not always shown on your wall. Sometimes this makes me think that i am a victim of phishing (but this is probably not the case, just my imagination running wild)

Another problem, and an iritating one at that, it when you sign into the Facebook App, and are using the uber-buggy Facebook Chat option, sometimes, even after you stop using the Chat Feature, you are shown online to your friends , who keep on sending you dozens of “Hi’s and Whats Ups”, and later, upon meeting you, ask why you don’t reply. Facebook Chat for mobile was not marketed and organised in a proper way, otherwise, it could have taken the place of WhatsApp, which is quickly becoming the primary source of messaging amongst mobile phone users.

Facebook for Android Sucks. I have been saying it since the app was made available for the Android OS. A new update comes, and I am hopeful again. Maybe some changes will have been made, maybe it will be better than it was before. But, alas. The same glitches, the same problem. I quickly sign out from the app, and again start using my faithful, FriendCaster.

We, the consumer know that Facebook for Android Sucks, but do the developers know this? Shockingly, they do.

Recently BGR reported that Facebook is forcing its developers to use Android phones so that they become more aware of the problems which Android users are facing. This apparently ticked off many of the employees at Facebook, as they had become so accustomed to the Facebook App experience on their iPhones.

We believe that the Facebook App devs will try to make the App better, but till then… Sigh…


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