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With the Christmas season coming up, it is likely that you are trying to find gifts for the special people in your life. Not only do you want to find people something that they will like, but also something that is beneficial to them on a deeper level. Getting the person you care about an educational gift is a way of helping them to better themselves, and what is a better gift than that? Take a look at this list of great educational gadgets for that special someone in your life.
1. An E Reader
An E Reader is a great gift for the book lover in your life. Reading is something that many people enjoy and is a great way to keep the mind sharp over the years. Although many people love to read, there are few people that enjoy carrying around several books. The benefit of an E Reader is that one can have several books located on a small and light E Reader. Not only does an E Reader allow users to buy books for low cost, but a lot of libraries also offer the ability to check out books on one’s E Reader for free. Some popular brands of E Readers are the Kindle and the Nook. Along with the E Reader, it might be nice to get this person a cover for their E Reader, other accessories, or a gift card to buy books on their E Reader.

2. A laptop

If the special person in your life is still in school then a laptop is a great gift. They can use the computer for school work as well as entertainment. If they are not in school, a laptop can still be a great and educational gift. It can be used for person use, research, or follow up work that the person feels the need to do on their own time. Some things to consider when looking to buy a laptop are the amount of memory, battery life, and customer reviews on the product. The amount of memory will determine how fast the computer processes requests. Battery life is important because a major benefit of laptops is their portability. If the user is confined to only using the laptop near an outlet. Lastly, taking a look at customer reviews can give you a good idea of a good brand and model to buy.

3. A telescope

A gift that is unique and can be very interesting is a telescope. If the person that you are giving the gift to is already interested in the stars ad galaxies then a telescope is the obvious choice for a gift. If they are not interested in the night sky or outer space, giving this gift might be a great introduction for them. A telescope can allow this special person in your life to explore new areas of science and potentially find a new and educationally stimulating hobby.

By choosing any of the above mentioned gifts, the special person in your life is sure to have a gift that they will love but also one that can further their education.

Author Pam Johnson enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer forĀ Top 10 TED Talks on Education.

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