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For many, the iPod Touch is nothing but an iPhone without phone functionality. Of course, this is not true, due to the fact that the iPhone typically has better specs, not to mention better build quality.

But for a common user, these things may not matter, and the huge price difference in the iPod Touch and iPhone is unreasonable.

For those of you who want an iPhone, but do not want to pay the premium, or those of you who just have an iPod Touch laying around, and want to change it “magically” into an iPhone, your prayers have been answered. Or have they?

Yosion Electronics has come a wonderful product, the Apple Pee 520 which is a premium case, which when attached to your iPod Touch 2g, 3g or 4g, will transform it into an iPhone.

Apple Peel for iPod Touch 4g

Although the Apple Peel is available for the iPod Touch 2g and 3g too, it is best for the iPod Touch 4g. This is because the presence of various features such a Retina Display and 5 Mp camera make the iPod Touch quite similar to the iPhone 4, hence giving a better emulated experience.

Yosion has made the Apple Pee 520 II Plus especially with the iPod Touch 4g in mind.

All you have to do is jailbreak your iPod Touch 4g, install a special app, and then slip your iPod Touch into the case. Viola! Easy as that.

It is to be noted that jailbreaking your iPod Touch will void your warranty, but a recovery can be easily made, after which your iPod Touch 4g will again be under coverage.

The Apple Pee 520 II Plus does what it says. You will be able to make calls, send text messages, basically, use the iPod Touch as a Phone.

The case has a built in mic, which will be used as your voice input source.

But things are not so rosy. Although the performance of the device is good, you will see some major drawbacks.

Drawbacks of the Apple Peel 520 II Plus for iPod Touch 4g

In-call volume cannot be changed. It is set at a fixed volume.

Another major drawback is the fact sometimes messages appear to be blank upon reaching you.

The audio quality is also deterred through earphones, as the sound is passed through a different port in the case itself.

Don’t let these point think that the Apple Peel for iPod Touch is a bad thing. The Apple Pee 520 II Plus , priced at $99, provides you with a decent telephone experience, and transformers your iPod Touch 4g into a phone. It has good durability, and you will not have many complains. We are just saying that it is not perfect (like any other device ever made)

If you are in doubt about whether to purchase the Apple Peel for the iPod Touch 4g, check out this video. Maybe it will help change your mind.


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