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When we talk about smartphones, three names come to mind. Apple, Samsung, and HTC. Yeah, there are other major companies like Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony etc. but they do not have the market presence which the above mentioned three companies have in the smartphone market.

Apple is a company which really shook up the competition when it released its iPhone a couple of years ago. It quickly became the phone to behold, and left all other phones released during that period in the dust.

Here HTC comes in, with the first Android Phone, the HTC G1, and shows Apple, that it is not the only fighter in town. HTC has worn the crown, as the company which launched Android, but it was Samsung with the Galaxy Series, which actually brought Android into the spotlight.

Now with Apple, Samsung and HTC all having a good grip in the smartphone market, each of them are striving in order to show of their dominance.

What better way then showing off your dominance then producing quality products for the consumer?

If you ask Apple, then it may just be throwing useless lawsuits at the competition.

It is commonly seen, that major companies will fire lawsuits at each other, over various issues, such as patenting. This results in a fruitless feud between the company, and we, the consumer get nothing out of it. It would be better, if the money spent on these court battles was used for R&D, so as to produce better products.

After the much hyped, and publicised battle between Apple and Samsung, Apple has decided to run a lawsuit against HTC over some patent issues.

This has lead to the delay of the release of the HTC One X in the US, and courts have ordered that the phone, which would be made available under AT&T and Sprint, will be indefinitely halted.

HTC has stated that “the US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard US Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC  exclusion order”.

Hence the phone’s shipments are all halted as of now. Some units have already shipped, as they had reached American shores before the ban date, but further sales are closed.

This comes as a blow to HTC which has seen a 5% drop in shares free online project management. HTC is already in troubled waters as it has seen  a slow year due to strong competition from the iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Expect that Apple and HTC will work something out, and the Apple Lawsuit will be terminated, but until then , HTC is in trouble, and is counting losses.

Do you think that these Lawsuits by Apple are having any base, or are these just actions taken in order to harass the competition? Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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