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Angry Birds is a revolution in itself and a part and parcel of modern culture. It has taken over many hours, if not days of our life and plagued everything from the iPhone to Android to Facebook.

And yet again Rovio comes up with another Master Piece in the form of Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space is a game which appears to be quite similar to its predecessors, but has a unique twist. Gravity.

Gravity and the lack of it plays an important role in Angry Birds Space. But before going into it lets start off with the graphics.


Angry Birds is a game which may not feature the latest 3d graphics engine, but has beautiful colour palate and design which makes it a class in its self. It  has a design which many have tried to mimic. Not to say the graphics aren’t better then before, but they don’t take the hardware we have to the limit. (Rant ends here) We tried the game on a couple of low-end phones and it ran flawlessly. The physics are really cool in a quirky sort of way.  Its really fun to see the lits bits and pieces of rocks, ice, steel fly away when hit by a bird. For what it is we give it a 4/5.


Angry Birds Space is well presented. The menus and interface is clean and easy to understand even for a person who has not played any previous versions of the game. The main level select menu has been stylised on the basis of space. The intro clip doesn’t really have  a in-depth story or anything, but still opens  light heartedly and we cant really complain. 4/5


Game play is the main forte of Angry Birds Space. It appears to be similar to the previous games, but in reality is much more complex. In some levels, you will see planets  pull birds towards them, and in other levels, the lack of gravity play havock upon your screen with bits and pieces flying everywhere.

The standard birds are all there, but there is also the entry of some new birds. There is a purple bird, which serves as a homing rocket, and a freezing-bird which will freezes whatever it touches and makes it easier to break some of the target.

There is also an introduction of boss levels with the boss pigs, which are pretty fun. Special levels are also present which can be unlocked with the help of finding the hidden eggs.

For us, the gameplay is the best amongst the series. 5/5

The game also has some drawbacks. Some levels are irritatingly tough, and depend upon luck more than skill. Also the number of levels is quite low as compared to previous games. There are only 2 chapters with 30 levels each. There are also extra chapters which can be unlocked for 99 cents. But knowing Rovio, new levels are probably coming up.

All in all, we give the game 4.5/5 and highly recommend the game to all.


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