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Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest iteration of the Android OS, but even after such a long time after its release, it is sad to know that only 7.1% of the total Android user base are using ICS. Gingerbread has been around for a long time, and occupies a massive share of the total Android market, at 65%.

Still, the ICS share is up from what it was 2 months ago, which was just a measly 2%

Google must make the latest version of Android available to older handsets at a faster rate. Apple is a leader in this sphere, as it issues updates to all its devices at the same time.

Lets not even talk about old hardware like  the original Motorola Droid, Google has not been able to make ICS available to even the newer hardware like the Xperia S and the Optimus 2x, although it promises to do so. This can also be a fault of the actual developers who created the phone, as their collaboration with Google is what is need to issue timely updates.

Are you one of the lucky people who have got ICS on their smartphones, or are you waiting for the indefinite updates?

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