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Nokia is a company which is known for its superior hardware. Nokia may be struggling to get its software identity in line, as it opted to be  a Windows Phone instead of going the Android route, but while that works side by side, Nokia has decided to give a new addition on the hardware front.

The upcoming Lumia and Pureview phones will all apparently be waterproofed. And not waterproofed in the way that the Motorola Defy is waterproofed, but water proofed inside and out.

Nokia will be using some new “Superhydrophobic technology” which will apparently coat the whole handset, so that any water which comes in contact with the mobile phone, will simply bounce off, in the way water droplets bounce of lotus leaves.

This, along with shatter proof display technology will go a long way in making mobile phones more durable. Everybody who own a smartphone is usually concerned that their phone does not drop from a high height, and stays far away from water and moisture. It will be a load off our minds when such technology becomes mainstream.

Just hope that this technology does not cost to much, because we all know who’s pockets this will be coming out from.

Do you think that this waterproofing technology is worth the R&D, or would you rather such technology be traded off for a lower price of upcoming devices?

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