Technology can be taken as a never ending phenomena. Right when we think that we have grasped its heights, we realize that the horizon has been raised. Our appetite for technology is never ending, and the world is relentlessly trying to raise the limits of what we one day may have called impossible.

In the rapidly progressing world of technology, our interests are dynamic, as are our needs, and technology changes accordingly.

SynerGIZMO is here to act as a source, from which you can get your daily technology fix. We will be covering here everything from the latest in computers and mobile platforms to the softwares which makes these hardwares complete. Special focus will also be given upon the business aspect of technology. SynerGIZMO is where technology and business synergize . Where is tech headed? Who are the major players? How can we benefit from these giants? Keep reading SynerGIZMO, and we are sure your questions will be answered.

But who would know of Goliath if it wasn’t for the humble¬†David? Along with all the technolgy mammoths, we will also closely follow the latest startups. After all, all the big players were once startups too. We will be giving you the latest information about new startups, where they are headed, and what role they may play in shaping the future and paving new paths in the world of technolgy.

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So stay tuned, and welcome to SynerGIZMO.

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