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Lucky for Apple, their products have increased in popularity more than anyone could have ever imagined. Although Apple products are on the more expensive side of technology, they are loved by people of all ages and lifestyles. Although the stereotype of the “poor college student” is still the norm for many, college students seem to find a way to purchase Apple products. Although these products may not be purchased with the furthering of their education in mind, college students across the nation can be seen with iPhones, iPads, and iMacs in hand while walking to and from their classes. In order to make better use of their Apple products, specifically iPads, students should make use of the following apps that will be beneficial to them:

1. Dragon Dictation: The transition from high school note taking to college note taking can be difficult for some students. Some students like to make use of a tape recorder, but not all do. For those who do not, but do have an iPad, there is Dragon Dictation. Dragon Dictation is an iPad app that allows students to have documentation of everything their professor says in lecture or discussion based classes. It also allows students to dictate their thoughts on a particular assignment so that they can revisit them later.

2. My Fitness Pal: Most college students have heard of and are in fear of the “freshman fifteen”. For those of you who are not aware, the “freshman fifteen” is the common occurrence of new college students gaining weight when they leave home for the first time. My Fitness Pal is a great app to help new college students keep track of their caloric intake and workout activity in order to stay away from extra poundage in college.

3. Skype: College is a very different time for most people because they are generally forced to leave a lot of people that they are familiar with and will be likely to miss. Skype makes an app so that college students can stay in touch with all of the people that they were forced to leave.

4. Dropbox: In college students will have lots of assignments and lots of computer documents that they will need to have access to. Dropbox is an app that connects to a website where students can store files. They can access these files from anywhere with computer access. This is nice for college students because they do not always have all of their technology with them at all times. It allows them access to homework assignments without having their laptops or other computers in front of them.

5. Rate My Professor: Rate My Professor is a website that has turned iPad app. It allows college students to look over reviews of professors and classes. The ranking are based on six characteristics of the professor: easiness, helpfulness, clarity, interest level, textbook use, and overall. There are also short answer comments about interaction with the teacher.

All of these apps would be great for any student to have on their iPad.

Author Pam Johnson obtained one of the Top Computer Science Degrees and now puts her degree to practice by creating iPhone and iPad apps.

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