nexus 10 price specs availabilty

Nexus 10 Tablet- Specs, Price Release Date, Availability, Review

nexus 10 price specs availabilty

The Nexus 10 is the Google’s attempt at the 10 inch tablet market. As we all know, the Google Nexus 7 , is the tablet which personified the 7 inch tablets, with its affordable price and top notch features. So much to the extent, that many consider it the best Android tablet in the market.

Although the Google Nexus 7, is a fine purchase, many Android users were looking for a 10 inch tablet, which would come bundled with Vanilla Android. The Nexus 10 is just that.

It is the Samsung manufactured Android tablet, which comes with not only top notch specs, but also an affordable price, all together with an unadulterated version of Android.

The Nexus 10 has many features which may attract you, but one of the features which is especially interesting is the ultra-high resolution display. (More on this later)

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HTC 8s price specs release date

HTC 8S- Specs, Price and Release Date

HTC is known to release a flagship phones, targeted towards the technophiles, and then release a more affordable version which is targeted towards the mass market. This can be seen in the case of HTC’s last flagship phone, the HTC One X, which was followed up by the HTC One S

True to its business strategy, HTC has released a cheaper (not quality wise, only price wise) version of its Windows Phone Flagship, the HTC 8X (click here for more details on the HTC 8X), in the form of the HTC 8S

The HTC 8S is a more affordably priced Windows 8 Phone , which HTC has produced as device which will introduce the consumer to the world of Windows Phones, without breaking the bank. This phone, hence, serves a similar place to the likes of the Nokia 820 , in becoming a device which you can purchase, exploiting the Windows Phone 8 platform to the fullest, without emptying your pockets.

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how to install apk to android phone

How To Install Apk on Android Phone

Installing Apk Files on Android Phones or Android Tablets

Android is a mobile phone platform which is known for its customizable nature, due to it being open-source. This can bee seen in various features from customizable homescreens (click here to see the top homescreens for Android) to the wide array of music players which can be installed on Android mobile phones (click here to see the Top 3 Android Music Players).

The true potential of Android phones can be harnessed by the various apps present in the Android Play Store. Installing apps from the Play Store is a breeze. Its all just a matter of of opening the Play Store app, and then selecting the desired app from the wide-array of apps available.

But we have all, on more then one occasion suffered the problem that we have been unable to download a particular app from the Play Store. This may be due to the downloading being stuck after a certain percentage. Sometimes, we also may be unable to download a particular app, as that app is not available in a particular region.

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htc butterfly specs price release date

HTC Butterfly Specs, Price and Release Date. HTC’s New Flagship

HTC has been undergoing a rough patch as of late. Companies like Samsung, LG and Apple are boasting of increasing profits, and it looks like nothing will be able to deter them. It was looking like HTC was just standing on the sidewalk watching the competition pass by, but HTC has revealed an unanticipated quarterly decrease in loss as a result of its Windows Phone, the HTC 8x (click her for details).

In a previous post, we have discussed the HTC DNA, which is Verizon’s and HTC’s collaborated effort to produce a next-generation phone.

The HTC Butterfly is the non-carrier version of the HTC DNA, which was originally launched in Japan as the HTC Butterfly J. The HTC Butterfly will soon be available world wide, and boasts specs which makes the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S III look last generation

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microsoft surface rt vs pro

Microsoft Surface RT vs Pro- What Surface Should you put your money on?

The Microsoft Surface has been one of the most anticipated products of this year. After all, it was one of the rare devices which Microsoft would be manufacturing itself (after the Xbox and the Zune). It was also Microsoft’s first attempt into the portable computer market.

The success (or failure) of the Microsoft Surface is a different story, but what we are here to discuss is which one of the two iterations of the Microsoft Surface to put your money on.

The Microsoft Surface is available in two flavors. One is the Microsoft Surface bundles with Windows RT , and the other is the full-fledged laptop-alternative Windows 8 supporting Microsoft Surface Pro. Both devices may appear to look similar, but vary greatly when it comes to specs.

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